5 most passionate horoscope combinations!

Shkruar nga Anabel

18 Prill 2019

Libra and Aquarius

The scales are sure that whatever they do in bed is right. All this will marvel at a Aquarius, as much as he likes to lead, as well as crazy when guided. This doubles will prove everything and in the end will feel proud of yourself!

~ Crab and Virgo ~

Crab demands devotion and as much detail in bed. Tell me a little bit, who can do this better than a virgin? Will fit for miracles.

~ Aries and Sagittarius

These two signs have scary chemistry. For an aggressive being in sex like Dashi, Sagittarius is the ideal (not in vain is appearing twice in our list). Dash's fiery fire, the Sagittarius will know how to quench her. After that, both of them will be happy forever!

~ Goat and Scorpio ~

Generally it is thought that Capricorn and Akrep unite: just sex, no emotions! Actually not. Despite the fact that both signs do not say "no" new experiences, on the other hand, they require a lasting relationship. Capricorn and Scorpio understand each other well. They will indulge themselves in bed, perform the passionate act and end up wanting to pass all this into another stage, that of connectivity!

~ Gemini and Aquarius ~

Gemini and Aquarius are real fighters: they try to prove everything and refuse to sleep without perfecting the movements and marveling themselves and others. They are brilliantly matched and have endless sex, as if it were not tomorrow!