7 Tactics Used by Very Good Liars (and How to Spot Them)

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11 Korrik 2024

7 Tactics Used by Very Good Liars (and How to Spot Them)

Honesty is often considered the best choice, but there are also those people who have fraud "in their blood". Liars are people who can make you believe their fiction so convincingly that you'd put your hands on fire that they're telling you the truth. Here are the most common ways liars get you to believe them:

1. Maintaining eye contact

Contrary to popular belief, liars do not necessarily avoid eye contact. In fact, many habitual liars reported that they intentionally maintain or even increase eye contact to appear more convincing. This directness can make their lies seem more believable.

2. Mastering facial expressions

Successful liars are able to control their facial expressions to mask any signs of deception. They try to keep a neutral or trusting face, avoiding any appearance of fear or surprise.

3. They act calm and confident

A common tactic among liars is to project a sense of calm and confidence. By acting as if nothing is wrong or different, they can create an illusion of truth.

4. Control of nervousness

Many liars consciously control or reduce their irritability. They maintain normal body movements, such as crossing their arms, to reduce any signs that might make them look "unwashed" and appear anxious or suspicious in the eyes of the person in front of them.

5. They pretend to be sensitive

Interestingly, some liars try to appear more emotional than they actually feel. By pretending to be upset or even crying, they believe they can convince others of their sincerity. This can make their lies seem more truthful and harder to detect.

6. Managing the tone of voice

Liars often change their tone of voice to sound more convincing. They try to maintain a confident tone, use a serious voice and do not allow their voice volume to increase. These vocal adaptations help them project a credible image.

7. Control of details

Finally, liars are meticulous with how they manage details during their stories. They carefully control the amount and nature of information they share, sometimes hiding key details or adding compelling ones.

Tip: Liars often change details between the things they say, and these inconsistencies can reveal their deception. Stay "awake" and don't fall prey to their lies.

(One thing is certain, after this article you will either spot liars from afar, or you will lie like a pro).

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