How to apply sunscreen over makeup, according to the professional's advice

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10 Korrik 2024

How to apply sunscreen over makeup, according to the professional's advice
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The ultimate beauty conundrum: you want to keep your skin protected from the sun's UV rays, but you don't want to ruin your makeup. What to do? Before you remove your make up, know that you don't need to do this to protect your skin.

According to Erica Marie Gatt, an esthetician in Los Angeles, many people avoid sunscreen on their face for fear of ruining their makeup. But this can lead to sunburn and an increased risk of skin cancer or hyperpigmentation, so if you want some expert tips, here they are!

-Use SPF powder

What protects your skin, absorbs excess oil and works on all types of foundation (including powders and creams)? SPF mineral powders. By using this type of protection, you have done your skin a good service, especially in the summer.

-Refresh your face with SPF spray

First, Gatt suggests applying sunscreen before any makeup as a base coat. After that, SPF sprays are a convenient and useful way to the protective function of SPF. They are a fantastic find for those with dry skin as they can refresh it and regulate moisture levels throughout the day. If you have oily skin and choose a spray SPF, first use a dry tissue to wipe it off and then work with the product.

-Use sticks with sun protection factors

Sunscreen sticks may seem impractical in terms of reapplying, but they're actually pretty easy to use. A clean sunscreen stick can be applied to the back of the hand and then rubbed into the skin with clean fingers. This method is ideal for foundation-free days or occasions when you have a fair skin tone.

-Try the typing method

If you are looking to boost the effect of your sunscreen, use the press-on method. Apply the cream to the skin using your fingers and pressing it into the skin, for a good spread, but at the same time not to allow the pores to become blocked.

-Use solid SPF

This type of cream in the solid version can be applied with a brush for an absolute spread on the skin. Be careful with cleaning the brush after you have painted the skin once, because if you use it several times in a row you can cause irritation or acne on the face.  

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