6 signs that the desire to be a perfectionist is ruining your vacation

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10 Korrik 2024

6 signs that the desire to be a perfectionist is ruining your vacation

For many, the next vacation is something exciting, because the feeling comes with the impatience to explore new places, to enjoy a trip with friends or family, a new and rich cuisine, etc. But for perfectionists, the next vacation can be a source of stress, an approach that turns these days into something simply challenging.

Here are the signs:

1. They are not flexible when plans change

When things don't go as planned, perfectionists can have a hard time adjusting, because the feeling of perfection gives them a level of security and absolute control.

2. They tend to put the blame on others intentionally

Perfectionists are hard on themselves, but also on other people for not meeting standards of perfection. There are many ways that can lead to internal or external conflict with these people, and guilt is one of them.

3. Or they can leave the next trip with a certain condition

According to mental health counselor Becca Trayner, perfectionists often want things to go so well that they end up imagining every scenario in detail. But for things to go well on the next trip, they ask for details on everything from clothing, place, food, etc.

4. Vacations have nothing to do with their well-being

Real rest means getting away from the daily routine and a good "service" to yourself for a few days of peace and relaxation. For perfectionists, sacrificing well-being for the sake of a perfect vacation is not a good idea, so they find themselves "immersed" in anxiety and fear until the end of these days.

5. They want to impress others

You may have your own way of doing things, especially when traveling or on vacation, and one of them for perfectionists is certainly to stand out among other people.

 6. They don't live in the moment

When you're at a beachside restaurant you've been dying to visit or a bar you've always wanted to visit, perfectionists forget to think about this very thing when they get close to their desires. This is because they simply do not know how to live in the moment!

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