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How to keep mosquitoes away in summer with these 9 plants

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9 Korrik 2024

How to keep mosquitoes away in summer with these 9 plants
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We've all experienced this situation at least once in our lives: watching the sunset in the backyard or on the balcony, by the fire on a beach, that is, a perfect summer day that is suddenly ruined by a mosquito coming around you.

Perhaps, you have tried all the methods from the different sprays you bought at the pharmacy to get rid of these annoying insects that appear everywhere, especially in summer, to popular practices. But, you know that plants are an alternative to remove mosquitoes from the house or the premises where you stay!

Thanks to their strong scent, they have the ability to keep mosquitoes away from you! If you don't have a private house and already have them in your garden, you can plant some of these in pots and enjoy a quiet summer with as little worry as possible from mosquitoes.

-Lavender: The same plant that smells so nice to humans is too strong for mosquitoes, which don't come close if they smell it.

-Chrysanthemum: This type of flower has a chemical composition that acts as a natural insecticide (liquid).

-Mint: Gardeners know that mint grows like a weed and "takes over" everything with its scent, but this also applies to its powers against mosquitoes. An Iowa State University study has shown that peppermint is more powerful than a mosquito spray.

-Basil: The pungent aroma of basil is fantastic for keeping mosquitoes at bay.

-Rosemary: Like basil, rosemary is an herb that most people love, but mosquitoes hate because of its strong scent.

-Mint : As a "central" for its nutritional value in the kitchen, in the recipes where it is included, mint is a good idea to keep mosquitoes away. Especially, if you dry it and keep it in different places in the house.  

-Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus gives off a lot of fragrance when it's warm, so keep it in the sun or burn the leaves when you need bugs to disappear.

- Sage: A good idea to include it in desserts or different dishes, but at the same time this plant is fantastic to repel mosquitoes.

-Thyme: Crushing thyme leaves releases oils that repel mosquitoes. Burning the leaves is just as effective at releasing odor, which means this herb creates effective protection for mosquito nights.

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Source: Pop Sugar