Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

8 Korrik 2024

Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

This week brings innovation and inspiration, when Mercury in Leo positions itself in an important angle with Jupiter in Gemini. Don't be afraid to be heard. Venus enters Leo on Thursday, encouraging you to speak your heart out to people who need to know how you feel.


The Sun and Saturn will help improve your mood. It's all about balancing the mind and heart. Venus will make you more confident and attract more partners.


You will have a quiet week and you will have the desire to appear more gentle and friendly with the people around you. Finally, Venus enters the emotional safety zone ruled by Leo on Thursday, bringing relationships into your life that give you a sense of peace.


Speak up, Gemini! You will be asked to show your famous communication skills. Let your heart be a career guide. Venus enters your communication zone ruled by Leo on Thursday, putting you in leadership positions.

The crab

You will approach financial situations with more confidence and look forward to what happens next. You'll be surrounded by a sense of optimism about any dilemma you have in your head. Look for new opportunities, not problems. Money will not be a problem at all.


You will have a proper week for rest and reflection. Try to make the days as creative as possible. Venus enters your sign and has a positive effect on romantic relationships.


This week will make you think about closing a professional chapter and turning to a more suitable position for you. Friends will help you make better choices. You will let go of the pains and people of the past.


This week you will listen to your emotions and intuition. Self-confidence is the crucial key to personal success. Venus will help you handle romance and friendships well.


Time to take risks in your career, Scorpio! This week will help you change or do something brave. You will be confident and willing to experiment with new places. Colleagues and friends will support you. Be specific about what you want.


This week you will go beyond black and white thinking in terms of problem solving. You will know how to avoid unwanted situations. Venus promises opportunities for romance if you will step out of your comfort zone.


This week will bring attention to the details. You will notice how opposites attract and you will be open to learning from people who are much different than you. Venus will help you with romances.


During this week you will want to share your feelings with someone to see how they will react. You will be motivated and focused on the goals you have set for yourself. Be open to new connections.


You can't hide your feelings! This week you will be more open to expressing your emotions, goals and desires with yourself and perhaps others. Venus will attract people who challenge you to improve your life.