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3 zodiac signs that are always late

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6 Korrik 2024

3 zodiac signs that are always late

There are some people who are punctual, showing up at work, meeting or any other occasion either on time or a few minutes before. But, for others, it is almost impossible to respect the schedules, due to the pressure of meetings, traffic jams or simply the busy lifestyle they have.

So make sure that if it comes to the birth of one of these signs below, forget about having them on fixed schedules.


3 zodiac signs that are always late

Ambitious Aries are known to take on other tasks in between projects to complete because they simply want more. If they have five minutes of free time, they are sure to fill it with a chore or an unscheduled task. It is known that those born under this sign always give themselves extra time, because they quickly lose control of the day, due to numerous commitments. But when it comes to parties, family lunches or meetings with colleagues, they are masters of lateness, as they do this on purpose to distinguish themselves from others.  


Taurus is a sign that likes to move at its own pace, which is usually very slow. Their stubborn side comes out quickly especially if they start to rush or know they are late for something. Especially if they are the least bit tired, they will refuse to move from the bed. Regardless of the time when they have made a meeting, it is certain that they will take a long shower, drink coffee calmly, get ready totally according to their preferences. So, delays are part of the lifestyle for them!


3 zodiac signs that are always late

Sagittarians don't like to have set schedules, and this means they rarely fall prey to routines. They go to bed at odd times, wake up very late and never know where they will be on different days. If they're running late, it's often because they've forgotten they have to be somewhere, whether it's the dentist, a work meeting, or an outing with friends. They will remember at the last second and leave in a hurry, or it will be friends who call to remind them to be present.  

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