Is there a connection between running and sex? The answer may surprise you!

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5 Korrik 2024

Is there a connection between running and sex? The answer may surprise you!

The streets are the runners' battlefield, but what happens to them in the other battlefield (the bedroom)?

According to experts and runners themselves, running not only improves performance in competitions, but also in sex life. Another important aspect is the impact of running on people's psychology. When they feel good in their body and have high self-esteem and this is reflected in bed. They are more willing to experiment and feel secure in intimate relationships. Running also helps reduce anxiety and depression, leading to a better mental and emotional state.

"They feel good about their bodies," says Ian Kerner, a sex therapist in New York. "People who run manage to translate energy into bed, where they feel free and comfortable."

Not only does running help with your sex life, but it can also help with exercise.

Although exercise initially increases the stress hormone cortisol, as the body adapts to exercise, cortisol levels drop. Improved hormone levels translate into greater sex drive and better performance in bed.

Whether these effects are immediate or not depends on the duration of the run. While a long run can make a nap seem more appealing, a run of an hour or less can bring an instant libido boost. In short, a short and intense jogging session can be the key to a passionate night.

So if you needed a little motivation to start running, remember that you are not only improving your physique, but also your sex life.

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