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What is the "30-30-30" method that helps you have better health

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5 Korrik 2024

What is the "30-30-30" method that helps you have better health
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When it comes to the various rules that are circulating about how to maintain an ideal body weight, blood sugar level or more energy during the day, there are plenty of them. But biologist Gary Brecka has long since started to introduce the "30-30-30" method that seems to be valid for your health in general.  

According to him, following this method can help you manage your blood sugar, keep your weight under control and have more energy throughout the day.

What is this method?

This method is very simple, but explained in other words it means that you eat 30 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes of waking up, which is then followed by 30 minutes of exercise. "I love that this rule is encouraging people to exercise daily and have a substantial amount of protein in the morning," says nutritionist Christy Brissette. Taking protein in the morning is a good thing, because it gives the body energy that is better absorbed before than after exercise.

What are the benefits of the "30-30-30" method?

Most people save protein for breakfast, but in fact they should be consumed before the start of the day because they give the feeling of satiety. Protein helps with the feeling of satiety, but when they are combined with fat and carbohydrates, this type of diet becomes more valuable for people who are physically active, in the gym or outdoors, helping to build muscle and increase metabolic power.

What are the risks?

People's protein needs vary and not everyone needs or can absorb 30 grams of protein. Some people may get stomach aches if they have too much protein and then work out right away. "When you eat, your body sends blood to the stomach to help with digestion," explains Brissette. "If you're exercising at that time, the blood will move to the muscles, causing digestion to happen more slowly. This can lead to bloating or stomach pain."

Can it help you lose weight?

Often, when people try to lose weight, those pounds that have been gained over the years cannot be melted off immediately. This is not the way the body works, but if you decide to follow this method you should expect to see tangible results.

Should you try the 30-30-30 method?

If you're interested in giving it a try, nutritionists say the risks are relatively low. If you are an early riser and start your diet with a healthy meal, this method is right for you. Especially 30 minutes of exercise that greatly increases stamina and energy to start the day. But if weight loss is your main goal, every body is different and no plan can guarantee you'll completely lose the pounds you want.

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