Affirmations to help you stay calm at work (even when you're nervous)

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4 Korrik 2024

Affirmations to help you stay calm at work (even when you're nervous)


In the fourth part of the series entitled "How to keep clear head at work" ("How to keep a clear mind at work?"), Dr. Tang shared "healthy affirmations" on her Tik-Tok platform that we can use to keep a calm mind at work. She explains how you can create a better work life, covering topics related to setting boundaries at work.


She emphasized three main statements:


1. "I can't save people from themselves."


2. "Even if I can't control anything around me, I can control my breathing."


3. "I don't need to care about the opinion of someone whose advice I haven't asked."


Dr. Tang suggests saying these affirmations with one breath as we breathe, to find time for our mind without telling ourselves to calm down.


Another research done this year by the University of California Berkeley shows that talking positively to yourself helps a lot in improving your mental health.


In the study, over 100 people were recruited to test whether self-compassionate touching, including placing hands on the chest and repeating statements such as: "How can I be a friend to myself right now?", helped improve mental health.


Some of the participants were asked to do this exercise for at least 20 seconds a day every month.


The results showed that those who did this had higher emotional well-being and lower stress levels than those who did not. Mental health improved even more depending on how often study participants practiced their affirmations, treating themselves well through gentle talk and touch. This led to a better mood and reduced stress.


Practicing these affirmations and self-care techniques can help keep a calm and clear mind, especially in the work environment.

Source: Dailymail

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