Based on the separation of Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi, how is the romance between the two Dashes?

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21 Qershor 2024

Based on the separation of Ilir Meta and Monika Kryemadhi, how is the romance

Ilir Meta confirmed yesterday (June 20, 2024) that he and Monika Kryemadhi will divorce. Iliri and Monika have been married for 26 years and have three children together, 2 daughters and 1 son.

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Considering that they are ending such a long relationship, we thought of doing an astrological analysis, to understand what was written in the stars for them. Ilir Meta was born on March 24, 1969 and Monika on April 9, 1974, which means that both belong to the sign of Aries.

Of course, we turned to Susan Miller to find out more about the compatibility of the two partners of this sign, and here's what we found out:

From the beginning, the relationship of these two people has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. An Aries has strong opinions and is not afraid to express them, they are attracted by a magnetic force and when they find another Aries, they form a fantastic duo! These two people go for fun, good energy and have a burning desire to move forward together.

In general, they follow the same passions (politics, the gym in the case of the former couple) , which connect them even more to each other.

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Aries is a sign that takes many risks, especially in terms of career. When it comes to a new business, he is a very alert person. On the other hand, Aries never tells professional secrets, so it is very difficult to get advice from him. This also applies to the soul mate.

Being a practical sign, an Aries looks for another partner, just as practical, so when life is full of another Aries, who has the same desire and the same goal, he thinks he has found his soulmate. So, two stubborn people, determined and ready to find solutions, join forces and take big risks. An Aries works quickly and does not know how to stop in front of challenges (khem-khem, SPAK investigation).

Sexually, too, both of these signs are hot peppers, which means they bring heat wherever they go. Without an active sex life, Aries feels neglected and so, another Aries understands and both can fulfill their sexual hunger.

Practically, this duo is perfect, but there is one big problem: Competition comes between them! It is very likely that two Aries will achieve a lot in life, but if the other person is more successful, one of the Aries will feel bad and automatically enter a race to show that they have as much (or more) potential. Two Dashes are very stubborn and always want to be the first, so the competition between them never ends, even when they reach adulthood.

In the case of Ilir and Monika, she herself stated that their relationship was in a crisis, due to a conflict related to politics.

"My marital relationship with Meta is currently frozen due to the conflict in the party, of course within our family. I think that it is not the first time that Ilir Meta and I have these conflicts. We don't have these principled, moral conflicts between each other. Our conflicts are only political conflicts", she said in an interview in "Opinion" in April of this year.

Therefore, Monika and Iliri could not go against their nature as Dasha who want to be leaders and lead the herds.