Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

17 Qershor 2024

Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Express your thoughts and feelings! As of Monday, Mercury will enter Cancer, where it will stay until July 2 and take care of your well-being. Then, Cancer season begins and summer officially arrives. This means: More connection with others and more love for you. On Friday, the Full Moon in Capricorn will also occur, which is one of the rarest. The last one happened in 2005.


What does "home" mean to you? Mercury will enter Cancer to remind you that it's important to answer complicated questions. Then, with the new season of Cancer, you will be more mindful of yourself and your mental and emotional health. Be careful with discipline and be the leader you should be!


Expand your communication skills and thus, you will be able to expand your horizons and perspectives. Mercury in Cancer inspires you to express yourself better, read, watch movies, why not, even wait for a plane ticket. Then, with the Full Moon in Capricorn, a little escape calls. Don't refuse it. ?


At this point in your life, money works for you. Mercury will motivate your finances to take a new path, to give you more rewards than usual. you will choose new values ??on which to base yourself and don't forget that you still have another 6 months, full of surprises.

The crab

This week brings you the new opportunity for a symbolic dawn in your life. The fog will go away, the darkness too, and after so long, you will see the light and reality as they are. During this week, your season also starts, so it is important to express your wishes. Most likely, they will all come true.


This is a busy week for you, as you will have more reflections than usual. Cancer season makes you start the week with a lot of self-care, a little rest and a better mood. Next, the Full Moon in Capricorn on Friday motivates you to follow healthy practices for your well-being.


Mercury in Cancer helps you interact with others and meet friends more often. This new season of Cancer invites you to a new chapter, where the key word is, of course, communication. You will be less productive, but more connected to those around you.


You will solve the problems you will encounter at work with unprecedented speed, simplifying the life of yourself and your colleagues. Cancer season starts this week and you will focus more on leadership and you will be able to see more clearly the goals that will take you forward.


Well, have a good trip, Scorpio! You will undertake new adventures, which will make you explore new places and cultures. Cancer season encourages you to go to faraway places, which feeds your desire to learn more.


Are you interested in other people's truths, but are you forgetting your own truth? Mercury enters Cancer on Monday and helps you strengthen the authenticity and skills that make you a unique sign. Passion, eros and intimacy will be in your focus this week.


This week shows you that opposites attract and you will find yourself moving towards them. The new Cancer season brings you one of the most romantic moments of this year and you will be one of the most irresistible signs. The full moon that will occur in your sign motivates you to surrender to the present and leave the past behind.


Secrets are hidden in the small details, dear Aquarius. Mercury will make you a more alert sign and finally, you will realize that the more details you see, the faster you will find the solution. You will have some small but significant steps in your ongoing work to achieve the well-being you seek.


This week, get out of the house and meet friends and people you care about. You'll see yourself as a person worth loving, spending time and energy on, so you'll be an interesting sign for everyone. Reconnect with old friends and make new memories.