Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

20 Maj 2024

Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Need a refresher this week? Nice! Gemini season starts on Monday, which helps you to be even more curious and adapt to different situations. Then on Thursday, the Full Moon in Sagittarius will occur and this is a moment to manifest your desires. In conclusion, Jupiter moves to Gemini and will stay there until 2025.


Have a little more faith in people, Dash! The full moon in Sagittarius inspires you to have more hope, optimism and confidence in your life. Your relationships and finances will move in a better direction. Your communication skills this week will be on fire.


Go deeper and seek your truths. Your intimacy sector will light up and you will find it easier to have the difficult conversations that strengthen your relationships. An interesting cooperation will take place between Venus and Jupiter and most likely, it will bring the best and joy in your life.


Happy birthday, Gemini! If romance is on your wish list, then you'll get it during the Sagittarius Full Moon. An interesting interaction between Venus and Jupiter will motivate you to tell your stories with passion and enter the most beautiful and transformative years of your life. We wish all your dreams come true!

The crab

Calm yourself because everything will be fine. The Full Moon in Sagittarius encourages you to set small goals to make big changes. The cooperation of Venus and Jupiter motivates you to become more friendly and meet your friends more often. When Jupiter enters Gemini, a long healing process will be completed.

Express your truth. The full moon in Sagittarius encourages you to speak your heart. You will attract fantastic new opportunities in romance and business, so enjoy this week.


Experience your sensations. A full and sensitive Moon in Sagittarius gives you the acceptance you need and the validation of your feelings. You don't need any more confirmation. By the middle of the week, the spirit of adventure seeps into you and helps you expand your horizons.


Say what you think, but without hurting others. Clear communication is an important point of the Full Moon in Sagittarius. This week, communication is the sexiest skill you'll have, so put it to good use.

Sit down, dear Scorpio! After an intense month, the Full Moon in Sagittarius helps you focus more on your body. Venus and Jupiter interact to embellish and harmonize your relationships in unexpected and special ways. This is a month that is as busy as it is focused on myself, so I find the perfect balance.


The moon will shine for you, Sagittarius! This week, you will most likely understand where you will go and what you will do in your life. A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter helps you regain your powers and focus on wellness and a better routine.


You need some rest, Capricorn! The new moon in Sagittarius illuminates the sector of retreat from chaos and helps you find a more peaceful and peaceful space and zone. This week you'll want to be more sensitive than usual and remind yourself that this is totally okay. Focus on your mental and physical health.


Power belongs to your people, Aquarius! At the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your community after a very busy and work-focused month. Also, you will find it easier to accept the new thoughts and sensations that pass through you. On Friday, Jupiter enters Gemini to dominate creativity, new ways of life, and ideas you didn't even know you had.


Go to a new level! This week you will have to undertake a new, risky decision, which can bring you many rewards. You will focus more on expressing your feelings and making a dialogue, so that you no longer suffer with the monologues you make to yourself. Courage and sincerity! That's all you need!