4 reasons why second marriages are happier

Shkruar nga Anabel

19 Prill 2024

4 reasons why second marriages are happier

According to "The Marriage Foundation", first marriages have a 45% chance of ending in divorce, while second marriages only 31% of couples have a chance of going to the courts for separation. But how is this phenomenon explained? Is it possible that people who marry a second time are happier? Experts list the four beautiful reasons that clearly confirm that second marriages are the best!

#1 Practice makes perfect couples

Second marriages certainly have the standard of experience! After the first divorce, couples tend to be more oriented to the boundaries, problems or conflicts that certain situations bring because they already know what works and what doesn't. Marriages, with all the combination of factors are really a true recipe for success.

#2 Both spouses know themselves better

Second marriages are often happier marriages because people have learned not to repeat the mistakes of the past. The partners know themselves and each other better and as a result they do not remarry to end up in divorce again, but to live the new status in every dimension.

#3 Couples want to get their wedding right the second time around

Partners in a second marriage are more oriented towards wanting this relationship to work. This is not to say that first marriages are failures, but remarried people experience this desire on another level. Having already experienced the end of a marriage, couples in second marriages are more determined not to take things for granted.

#4 Couples have a strong sense of gratitude

Second marriages are a second chance for life, love, families, etc. Therefore, gratitude is a feeling that fulfills couples coming out of a first divorce by letting go of chaos and disappointment and creating a new vision for the future as a couple.

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