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Take note of this April date, many important things can happen

Shkruar nga Anabel

17 Prill 2024

Take note of this April date, many important things can happen

April 20 will be one of the most intense days of the year, thanks to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the sign of Taurus. This planetary transit incites massive upheaval on both a personal and universal scale, according to all astrological calculations.

Events like this happen once in 84 years!

Two planets very close to each other often meet in the same sign. Astrally speaking, this creates a powerful union of energies. Jupiter oriented towards fate, development and growth, while Uranus as a ruler of the future meet in the sign of Taurus which oversees money, the environment, self-esteem, values ??etc.

"On a personal level, this can bring bursts of inspiration and profitable new ideas," says astrologer Nina Kahn. "On a broader and collective level, you will see developments and global changes around money and finance and beyond," she adds.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus arrives on April 20, bringing events that change your world, as well as the world around you.

This particular dynamic will not occur again until the year 2108, as historically, such large-scale events occur very rarely.

No matter what happens around you, rely on yourself and stay open to change.

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