Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

15 Prill 2024

Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Have you put some work on hold? Mercury's retrograde reminds you and will make a connection with Chiron again on Monday, to challenge you once again to move forward. The new season of Taurus starts on Friday and you need the energy of an Earth sign, after a period full of drama.


You've had a dialogue, which seems to have weighed you down a bit, but it's the ideal moment to heal and move forward. Mercury and Chiron will work together to ease your pain. On Saturday, there will be a meaningful interaction between Jupiter and Uranus and this will help you to live according to your values ??and desires.


You have to come out of your shell a little bit. The cooperation of Mercury and Chiron is powerful and can break you out of a habit that loses your sense of power. Within this week, the season of your sign also starts, in which your wishes will come true.


This week does not come without conflicts, but thankfully, Chiron will soften the misunderstanding and make you see the debate from a different, more open-minded angle. You will celebrate, cry and laugh; you will accomplish all this week.

The crab

What does your heart desire, Cancer? On Monday, Mercury and Chiron will cooperate for you to express your desires in terms of career. You will be motivated to pursue your passions while socializing and connecting with the community.


Live and learn, dear Lion! Mercury and Chiron will help you to be more willing to use your knowledge and move forward, teaching yourself and others. On Friday, you will feel more ambitious and follow your career dreams.


Speak your truth without shame, Virgo! On Monday, Mercury and Chiron will reveal an intimate secret that you can reveal or tell. Your dreams will motivate you to move forward and do your best. Don't forget to take the adventures that fill your soul.


Conflict is inevitable this week. There will be a fight between you and other people, but it is important that you discuss to understand and not to prove that you are right. If you have had problems related to an intimate relationship and you want to clarify them, this is the right week.


Go away with small and safe steps, Scorpio! The cooperation of Mercury and Chiron will show you that in order to reach the finish line, you have to go through some vicissitudes. Taurus season will start on Friday and it will be one of the best times of the year, so take advantage.


Being a sensitive person is a strength, dear Sagittarius. Mercury and Chiron gather forces to help you move forward with strength, courage and the right confidence. Think of a strategy for your well-being and quickly, you will put it into practice.


Give your feelings a name, dear Scorpio! From Monday, the important celestial event, where Mercury cooperates with Chiron, inspires you to have more opportunities to have conversations centered on positive emotions. You will feel joy, love and that you belong somewhere.


Clear your life of lack of communication and the complications that arise from it. This week you need to resolve any misunderstandings you have created with others in order to reach the mental and spiritual state and peace you are aiming for. Your attention will be focused on home, family and belongings.


Are you acting and living according to your values? Think and answer this week, as Mercury and Chiron help you practice more self-confidence and have the courage to harmonize your life, on every level.