What is a "friend with mandate"? And why can't you do without it?

Shkruar nga Anabel

3 Prill 2024

What is a "friend with mandate"? And why can't you do without it?

From TikTok (again) comes a new definition for society. The first to present it is an influencer named Jennifer Mika, who explains in a video how "tenur friends" are all you need in life. Her video that turned the term into a trend has more than 1.5 million views and talks about friendships lasting 5, 7, 10 or more years that may have been long distance for a while but are back together again. point. These friendships have all the colors, pain, fights, upsets and lots of love, sealing according to Jennifer their longevity.

But what comment do the specialists have about this term?

Psychologist Becky Spelman reveals that this trend reflects the inner need and desire of each of us to have long-term relationships.

"Such companionship and relationships are essential for our emotional well-being and resilience in difficult times," explains the doctor.

It should be emphasized that the mandate as a life partner can also be taken by a "new entry" in your life that proves that she will always be there for you. In TikTok, this topic is also treated with humor, considering this friendship as bound by an unbreakable and eternal contract. Of course, this trend has been embraced more by girls and their videos with girlfriends continue to be published under the hashtag #tenurfriends.