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What do your favorite series show about your character?

Shkruar nga Anabel

3 Prill 2024

What do your favorite series show about your character?

To be honest, with series like "Griselda", "3 Body Problem" or "The Gentleman", Netflix has held us hostage in front of the screens. From romantic stories to crimes, serials that bring us nostalgia, or tell about science and medicine; all, show different aspects of our character.

In short, you tell us what genre you like and we tell you some details of your personality.

If you're the kind of person who enjoys romantic comedies, let us tell you: You're dying to get into a relationship.

If you directly look for a series that tells about love, such as "One Day" or "Normal People", most likely, you are hoping for a prince blue to come into your life. According to a study conducted by Valeria Kretz, in 2019, if you want to see dramas, you can be in a beautiful and healthy relationship and do not feel the need of fulfillment through series that narrate sublime love.

"The fact that you watch drama series can encourage the belief that men and women differ drastically in their needs and demands, which is considered inappropriate," wrote Valeria, adding: "Thus, by encouraging beliefs that do not fit with you, first of all, watching romantic series can create illusions about the pleasures of the relationship, while watching drama series can be associated with greater satisfaction in the relationship".

Crime series - You're preparing for the worst possible scenario

According to research by Amanda M.Vicary and R.Chris Fraley, women watch more series with crime content than men, and studies show that people who watch such series basically prepare for the worst possible scenario. According to a YouGov study, 58% of women who enjoy crime dramas do so to empathize with victims and to avoid the scenario that something like this could happen to them.

If you start watching crime series, you can't stop. Studies show that such series hook people and encourage them to watch more.

If you watch the same series over and over again - Maybe you are a lonely person

We all have a series that we return to for 1001 reasons. Now, studies support what we've long felt: We watch Friends 442,993 times because we feel lonely.

Research shows that by watching old series, we feel more protected from negative feelings and low self-esteem.

If you are watching a reality show - You have to deal with something in your life

If you can't stay without watching "BBVA 3", we have bad news for you! Maybe you don't have passions, or you don't have a motive at the moment, so you can find yourself watching dramas between Egla - Ilnisa ??- Meriton. So if you find yourself spending hours in front of the TV or Instagram reels, then get out, reconnect with nature and follow your desires.

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