8 things you should never say to women over 30

Shkruar nga Anabel

3 Prill 2024

8 things you should never say to women over 30

How many times have you had a verbal conflict because of the people you are in front of and the way they address you? Especially women of different ages are often afraid to face what "comes out of the mouth" of other parties, for the way they speak, the topics they open, the inappropriate questions they ask, etc.

For women in their 30s and above there are often questions addressed to private life, children or plans for the future that put them in positions that are not satisfactory and not only!

Here are some questions that experts say you should never ask chicks over the age of 30!

#1 “You don't have kids yet? Don't forget you don't get any younger"

Many women may be busy with their careers or fun lifestyles, parties and bars and don't think about plans to expand their family. By saying this phrase you are perhaps recalling a forgotten or overlooked aspect such as the child may be at a certain point in life.

#2 "You should buy a house"

Buying a house is not such a safe step, especially for oysters! Expenses, food, rent and other bills that must be paid every month probably hold women of this age group "hostage" in investing in a house.

#3 "You look better than your real age"

Better save such an expression, which looks more like a curse than a compliment!

#4 "Have you tried these virtual acquaintances?"

When someone doesn't ask you for advice, especially on a personal level, you better not give one because you look really bad!

#5 "So how do you feel when you're 35 (could be 31, 32, so over 30)?"

People tend to ask about birthdays, but going into detail about how old you feel is often overkill.

#6 "See you at 21:00"

Practically, this is not a very suitable schedule for people of this age... Otherwise it translates into dinner, Netflix, TikTok or just sleep to get energy for the next day. This time out can be perfect for teenage chicks!

#7 "How's your metabolism?"

When you get involved in such details, surely you want more elements from your strength, digestion, general physical condition because you judge this age as the beginning of the decline of all physical parameters.

#8 "You Have an Old Soul"

With this expression, people guess about your age, than about your soul or world! Therefore, it is almost offensive as a definition.

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