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How chocolate helps to lose weight and protect the brain from Alzheimer's

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3 Prill 2024

How chocolate helps to lose weight and protect the brain from Alzheimer's
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Chocolate lovers have one more reason to rejoice after this news! Apparently, chocolate doesn't just fulfill that sweet tooth, it also has health benefits in many ways. A chemical found in chocolate called theobromine has many benefits for the body and brain, according to a study from Zhengzhou University in China, the results of which were published in the Journal of Functional Foods.

The chemical found in cocoa beans is anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants that help protect the brain from Alzheimer's, while also affecting your body weight. Scientists say that theobromine affects high blood cholesterol levels as well as cognitive function in humans.

This compound can affect blood-brain function to potentially increase brain function as well as mood to combat depression. "Theobromine has neuroprotective properties, as well as improvements in motor memory and cognitive regulatory functions," say the authors of the study.

Based on the low impact of side effects that chocolate can have on the condition of the human body, especially if it is consumed in appropriate amounts, theobromine is seen as an agent in the prevention of brain-related disorders.

Although it may seem strange, eating chocolate can also help you lose weight because theobromine helps the body break down fat faster.

What's more, chocolate strengthens your immune system thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, scientists say!

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Source: New York Post