News in minutes: What's happening in the world

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3 Prill 2024

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

Albania, 15 years in NATO: Blinken is proud of the alliance

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

The American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has made a reaction to the 15th anniversary of Albania's membership in NATO. He said that the US is proud to be allied with Albania and that this alliance continues to grow and adapt, to address the challenges in the development of the future.

NATO is stronger and more united than ever, said Blinken, while adding: "On behalf of the United States, I congratulate Albania and Croatia on the 15th anniversary of your membership in NATO. 15 years ago, we celebrated the commitment of your democracies not only to the defense of our Alliance, but also to the defense of peace and prosperity throughout the region. Today, we honor your continued commitment to deter and defend every inch of NATO territory as we defend our shared democratic values," said Blinken.

Belarus/ Military exercises begin near the border with Ukraine

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

Belarus has started military exercises in the regions near Ukraine, Lithuania and Poland. The exercises will take place for 3 days in the two regions, Gomel and Grodno, encouraging military officers and troops to train for defense and attack, in the event of the adoption of martial law.

We remind you that Belarus is Russia's closest ally and its territory has often been used to target Kiev.

Finland/ 3 children were injured in an attack at the primary school

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

Three children have been injured in a shooting at a primary school, Finnish police have confirmed. The main suspect is a minor boy, already arrested by the police. As for the injured, they are receiving appropriate help in the hospital.

The shocking attack took place at the "Viertola" elementary school in Vanta, a suburb of the capital Helsinki. The school has about 800 students, from first to ninth grade, as well as about 90 people on staff.

Gaza/ Israeli attacks kill 7 volunteer workers

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

Seven aid workers have died after an airstrike in Gaza. Among the dead are: a citizen from Poland, Australia, USA, United Kingdom, as well as Palestine.

Ismail al Thawabta, a spokesman for a Hamas government office in Gaza, said Israel was responsible for their deaths. The volunteers were hired by the World Central Kitchen, which provides food for displaced Palestinians. The event was described as a "tragedy" and Israel eventually took responsibility for the attack, saying it was unintentional, but things happen in war.