Mercury Retrograde: What will happen to your sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

2 Prill 2024

Mercury Retrograde: What will happen to your sign

Mercury, the planet of communication, travel and logic goes retrograde 3 or 4 times a year. As a reminder, a planet is said to be retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards in its orbit as seen from Earth.

This term has the ability to frighten any connoisseur of astrology and those who believe in the influence of stars and planets in our lives for the simple reason that it is associated with not very good events.

The most influenced by this background will be Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

How will this movement affect each sign (in detail)?


This Mercury retrograde is happening in your sign, so you'll be hit harder than any other sign. Be careful with your words, as you are in danger of making a big mistake with the way you express yourself. Be careful with your character, don't let your anger control your logic.


You have people who have a grudge against you, who are waiting for you to fail. They can be dishonest friends, or colleagues. Don't be surprised if it's one of your exes too. Do not start arguments and fights, avoid aggressiveness and if you face fights, handle them delicately and gently. This is how you can manage to break relationships, but maintaining some respect or friendship.


Your friends are working on it behind your back. This Wednesday, secrets, lies, rumors that are being spread about you will be revealed in the background and you will get to hear them all. Before long, you won't know who you can trust. If you are one of the people who is doing the same for your friends, be careful because you will be exposed. Focus on your friendships, remove negative people and find replacements for those who are not worth it.

The crab

All eyes are on you right now. If many things happen at work, there will be a lack of communication and misunderstandings, especially with your boss. Be careful because even an innocent question on your part can be taken as an insult or carelessness. If you have projects in hand, don't present the final result until the backlog passes. Be very careful.


If you're planning travel this spring, be careful with your timing and be prepared for anything. This background will challenge you and your opinions. There will be disagreements that will turn into fights and heated arguments, so it is suggested to keep your cool. Remember that it is normal for people to have different opinions.


Mercury in retrograde will try to help you get your finances in order. If you haven't kept your expenses, bills, etc. under control, you may have problems. It is suggested to start saving from now on, otherwise your future will be very problematic. Also, if there are people who owe you money, you will get it quickly.


Mercury in the background will activate your relationships, so you are expected to have problems with society and your partner. But you will have help from the stars to solve them. It is suggested to focus on strong communication and active listening. Give your partner courage in every initiative he/she will undertake. Chances are you'll run into one of your exes soon, so be prepared.


If you don't feel well physically, you should visit. This Wednesday, the background focus is on your health and well-being. Symptoms of problems can be very noticeable, so be careful with your food, do physical activity and stay strong. This too shall pass!


You will be more comfortable than any other sign in this background. Sex, fun, romance, will be activated by this planetary movement. It is likely that you will meet one of your exes and you may have a discovery of new emotions with them. And we are not talking about the long relationships you had, but about the short acquaintances that were not closed very clearly. You may have some problems in the bedroom, but see it as an opportunity to try new things.


Be careful with every appliance in your home, from the microwave to the washing machine, as chances are you will have problems with them. Try to get organized in alternative ways and don't order a replacement for the equipment, without going through the backlog. You will have a lack of communication and problems in some relationships, so be careful. Do not buy a house, do not make investments, because this period is not at all favorable.


Check messages and emails well, a lot of them are likely to get lost these days. This background will open problems with communication, phone calls and emails. You might not respond and get in trouble with people just for that reason. Think carefully before you send messages.


You have to balance your budget. You spent too much and were irresponsible. Pull yourself together and start saving, because the future is not very bright for you. You can avoid some outings and expenses, which you are most likely doing to please others.