News in minutes: What's happening in the world

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2 Prill 2024

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

Turkey/ The opposition dies after winning in one of the municipalities

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

Mehmet Palaz was celebrating his victory in the city of Tavas, against the candidate Kadir Tatik, when the balcony collapsed and he died. The news was announced by one of the main officials of the Republican People's Party.

Palaz had gone out on the balcony of the party building, together with some colleagues and supporters. Due to the overload, the second floor balcony collapsed, killing Palaz and injuring the other candidate, Tatik, who was also in the building. Turkish media say that 8 other members of the opposition have been injured and 3 of them are in serious condition.

Mexico/ Assassination of the mayor of Churumuco; his teenage son escapes

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

Mayor Guillermo Torres, 39, was assassinated and shot dead while dining at a restaurant in the Morelia area. His 14-year-old son survived the assassination, who managed not to be hit by the barrage of bullets.

Torres was elected mayor of Michoacan's Churumuco municipality as a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party in 2022, but recently left the party and publicly expressed sympathy for the incumbent Morena. Torres is the latest politician to be killed in Mexico ahead of the June 2 presidential election, in which 20,000 local and federal positions and the entire Congress will be up for grabs.

The White House worries about Benjamin Netanyahu's plans for Al Jazeera

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

Karine Jean-Pierre, spokeswoman for the White House, expressed concern by informing that according to reports, Israel is trying to ban Al Jazeera media in the country. If this is true, she said, then it is truly disturbing.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revived moves on Monday to shut down Qatar's television station in Israel, saying the Knesset would meet in the evening to ratify the necessary law. Earlier, Israel accused the Al Jazeera station of anti-Israel agitation among Arab viewers.

Russia/ 8 victims from the collision between the train and the bus

News in minutes: What's happening in the world

8 people have lost their lives after a train and a bus collided north of Moscow, in the Yaroslavl region. All the persons who died were in the bus, which was traveling, when it was suddenly hit by an express train. Rail operator Northern Railays says the crash happened when the bus derailed as the train approached.

According to preliminary reports, all eight people on the bus were killed. Rescuers and psychologists from the Russian Emergencies Ministry are working at the scene. The response operation includes 24 personnel and seven pieces of equipment," the Russian Emergencies Ministry said.