Apparently, blush is also applied depending on age

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1 Prill 2024

Apparently, blush is also applied depending on age

Not many TikTok trends manage to find a place on the pages of Vogue, especially when it comes to makeup, but this case is an exception, because the well-known magazine has taken to the social network the right way to achieve blush (from women 40 years and older).

Makeup artist Mia Hawkswell, who is known as the person who worked with Pamela Anderson and Rose Byrne, creates videos dedicated to the ladies.

She discovers that at some point, makeup can no longer be applied in the same way as in youth, especially when the weight of age begins to be felt on the skin.

According to Hawkswell, the traditional method of applying it to the cheekbones doesn't look so good, because at some point, that part of the skin starts to lose elasticity.

Therefore, the make-up shop says that the blush should be applied first under the eyes and then on the top of the cheekbones. If you use a contour, you should also place a little next to the contour. Thus, its effect will make the face look alive and full.

For more clarity, watch the video below:

@itsmemiamakeup Dos and donts... its natural we need to reevaluate each decade.. lets work againt gravity to lift and soften with our new techniques. Let me know if this makes sense... #over45 #over40club #makeup #miamakeup #antiagingmakeup ? Just Be True - Musik Relaksasi ID