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Does showering after eating help digestion?

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1 Prill 2024

Does showering after eating help digestion?

After you've indulged in a hearty and delicious meal, a long hot shower feels divine! Especially for those with indigestion, something often needs to be done to calm the upset stomach feeling. But does showering after a meal really help the digestive process?

"The age-old debate of whether to shower before or after eating has left many people questioning whether it affects digestion and overall well-being," says nutritionist Rohini Patil. Digestion is a complex process that involves breaking down food into nutrients that can be absorbed by the body. As food moves through the digestive system, it encounters various enzymes and acids that help digest and absorb nutrients. The process is regulated by the autonomic nervous system, which controls involuntary bodily functions, including digestion.

Can showering after meals help digestion?

The answer to this is a bit more complicated than one might think. On the one hand, showering immediately after eating can disrupt the digestive process. It does this by diverting blood flow from the stomach and intestines to the surface of the skin, often causing problems.

Mohammad Fahad Ali, gastroenterologist at Osego Health, explains that our body temperatures rise slightly as blood is directed to our digestive system. So, taking a warm shower immediately after eating can divert blood from the organs that work in our digestion to our skin, causing symptoms such as pain and discomfort in the stomach.

Hot showers have other negative side effects for digestion. Studies show that hot water strips away natural oils and enzymes that help absorb nutrients and leads to water loss and dehydration.

Is a cold shower better after eating? Doctors say that a cold shower does not redirect blood from our digestive system, and studies show that a cold shower can boost our metabolism, enabling faster digestion of food. But a cold shower can also constrict blood vessels and slow digestion, potentially interfering with digestion.

The conclusion? The choice always remains individual!

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Source: Vogue