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Avoid these 3 expressions if you don't want to appear weak and insecure

Shkruar nga Anabel

1 Prill 2024

Avoid these 3 expressions if you don't want to appear weak and insecure

You know that even the most common expressions can have a big impact on how people perceive you. In a job interview, a few words can be the difference between you looking like a confident competitor and someone who is unsure of their qualifications. It's important to choose your words carefully and use confident language, say communication experts Kathy and Ross Petras.

The key is to be assertive/without being overly aggressive. The strategy can be especially useful when communicating with a boss, co-worker, friend or partner.

If you avoid these three expressions, you will certainly not look insecure in the eyes of others.

#1 “I'm sorry to ask, but…”

Saying "I'm sorry" may seem like the polite thing to do, but overusing the phrase, especially in non-apologetic situations, can dilute the impact of what you say and make future apologies carry less weight. . Just search for what you want with these sentences like: "Can you send me this email?" or "Can you help me mirror this project to my laptop?".

#2 "I just..."

 "Simple" is a small word, but with great complications. If you're nervous or insecure during a meeting or conversation, changing a few words won't change the way you feel. But you can prepare your mind for these situations by doing calming exercises like meditation, walking, repeating words etc.

#3 "I don't know"

"I don't know" is a common expression to fill the space until people can complete their thoughts. But, it can make you look incompetent. Instead, say something like, “That's a really interesting question. Give me some time to think about it.” It's easier to say "I have no idea" when faced with a problem than to try to offer a solution. Being calm and confident in your response shows the person in front of you that you are a team player willing to find solutions to problems.

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