It's not that simple to escape: Here are the 6 stages of Mercury retrograde

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1 Prill 2024

It's not that simple to escape: Here are the 6 stages of Mercury retrograde

The stars are in chaos right now, so don't be surprised if your life is a mess. Aries season has charged us up and put us into action, but the recent eclipse seems to have turned everyone's life upside down.

Retrograde Mercury will enter today, i.e. on April 1st and leave on April 25th. The signs that will feel the most impact are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. On the other hand, for Leo and Sagittarius, the influence will be milder.

As you know, Mercury affects technology, from problems with electronic devices, to cars, or wrongly sent messages. People and projects from the past return and this period is dedicated to reviewing decisions and introducing innovations into life.

But despite all the problems it opens, Mercury is the planet of knowledge, information and sender of important messages for life. In this line dedicated to information, we will introduce you to all the stages of the background cycle.

Fore-Back Shadow

Also known as retrograde, this phase occurs when Mercury moves a few degrees in the sky, heralding retrograde, which begins slowly. This first phase brings a lot of uncertainty into the air and is usually more intense and confusing than the actual backlash. It is advisable to be careful with the people, topics and tasks you have in hand.

Mercury placed in the background

This is the second phase and coincides with the placement of Mercury in the background, when the movement has stayed in the corresponding coordinates. Usually this stage is very dramatic and emotion is in the air.

Mercury in the background

This is also the famous moment that everyone interested in astrology knows. It lasts 3 and a half weeks and this phase is the moment when the big problems start, from communication, to trips that are delayed and the return of people from the past. Life seems slow and messy.

Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun

This is an important moment that occurs around the middle of the retrograde, causing Mercury and the Sun to conjoin. When Mercury receives the Sun's rays, it is refreshed and energized, so this moment is seen as hopeful in the retrograde journey. It is believed that this is the phase that brings clarity and reveals the unspoken.

Mercury returns to its position

At this stage Mercury seems to stop moving and at this moment you can breathe freely and start seeing what happened around you these weeks.

Shadow behind background

The last phase of Mercury's retrograde cycle puts the planet in slow motion forward. This phase feels like those days when you're with your girlfriend at coffee after a night of drinking too much. You are both reminiscing and discussing what decisions you made the night before, but you have coffee before and it will help you get on with your day.

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