Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

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1 Prill 2024

Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

April starts strongly, with a Mercury in the background, which doesn't even give you time to breathe. The retrograde of the communication planet starts on April 1st and ends on April 25th, prompting you to learn more about your boundaries and desires. Then, a powerful conjunction occurs between Venus and Neptune on April 3 to heal your relationships in a pretty radical way. Venus will enter Aries at the weekend and stay there until the end of the month.

Now, how will all these planets and events affect your life?


Happy birthday, Dash! Mercury in retrograde will begin a retrograde journey on Monday, but don't panic. If you had the intention of "cleaning" the way from some things and people that you should have left in the past, this is the ideal moment. Then, Venus and Neptune will help you heal from situations that happened before, while you focus on current relationships.


Of course, the background will have an impact on you too, but you will do your best to see the world through your optimistic and hopeful lens. Connect with friends, community, and get ready to ease through the lag period. Venus will go to Aries on Friday and give you the right dose of love.


Call your friends and have a good time this weekend. Mercury retrograde begins on Monday and your friendship zone will light up. You need your best friends, so this week you will stay with them for a long time. Venus and Neptune will give you the right direction in career matters, so all that remains for you is fun.

The crab

Stay in the right order, Cancer! You will be everywhere, at the same time, but everyone knows that this cannot be done. You will take a few pauses and take careful steps so that you can walk safely. A pretty adventurous Venus and a surprising Neptune will personally deal with your journey, so have a good trip!


You will transform your life in simply fantastic ways, dear Leo. Venus, with all her charm, will connect with Neptune, to give you pleasant surprises, which you will know how to handle properly. Love, power and intimacy will soon come your way.


Truth always triumphs, Virgo! The retrograde of Mercury will start on April 1 in Aries and will take care of your area of ??sincerity, so you will be a more direct and courageous person than usual. This week you will attract healthy relationships and you will be looking for love and trust.


Even conflict can serve you, Libra! You just need to use the right arguments. Mercury retrograde inspires you to win in any situation, even if they don't look very promising. Another important event this week is the entry of Venus into Aries, which will attract opposite but quite interesting people to you.


Mercury retrograde will help you find your axis in all the chaos that will be around. Suddenly, you'll experience a surge of confidence and you'll think you can do anything. Take a big risk, the planets will support you!


Can you turn confidence into a habit? Mercury retrograde will begin on April 1st and will focus on the realm of self-confidence, helping you to let go of things that bring you insecurity, be it comments, situations or people. On Wednesday, Venus and Neptune will work together to bring you healing and positive feelings.


Give your feelings a name. Your emotional zone, whether you like it or not, will be the focus of the Mercury retrograde, so you will be able to transmit your feelings. On Wednesday, you will communicate better and you will be able to read under the lines, to understand more about the thoughts and what your partner is experiencing.


You know there is no healthy relationship without communication! Communication in your life occupies a very important place, so it will be even more extensive than usual. You will have other approaches and ideas in the field of finance and less headaches about money. Also, at the end of the week, you will use communication to discover more about love.


Put into practice what you learn. Mercury retrograde starts in Aries and deals with your area of ??integrity. Believe more strongly in your values. In the middle of the week you can say out loud a wish related to romance, as it will most likely come true.