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Rihanna performed at the wedding of the Indian multibillionaire and people were amazed

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Rihanna performed at the wedding of the Indian multibillionaire and people were 

Rihanna returned to performing…at the much-anticipated pre-wedding party in India. She performed at the wedding of multibillionaire Anant Ambani (son of billionaire Mukesh Ambani), who crowned love with Radhika Merchant.

Anant is the younger son of multibillionaire Mukesh Ambani, the owner of the conglomerate "Reliance", the richest man in India. The Ambani family is known for such parties, since in 2018, for their daughter Isha, Beyoncé performed at a private concert . She was paid the full $6 million.

@dailymailshowbiz Rihanna's luggage has arrived as she prepares to perform at the wedding celebrations for the son of India's richest man! #rihanna #luggage #india #celebrity #wedding #Riri #fyp ? original sound - Speedy Songsz

Riri arrived in Jamnagar, India alongside A$AP Rocky. She had a lot of luggage (which carried stage decorations and props) and went on stage to perform her repertoire. Of course, people missed her performance and there were many accolades ranging from her outfit, barefoot dance and talent.

"It's one and only: Rihanna"; "Oh my God, what a performance"; "Taking Rihanna to the wedding would be the first thing I would do if I were a billionaire"; "No one does it better than Riri! What an outfit! What a performance!"; "Barefoot and iconic" were some of the comments.

How much was Riri paid? According to sources to India Today, her performance was paid around $8-9 million. :)

The couple's party started on Wednesday, where family members were initially invited. According to Forbes, it cost $114 billion, along with the banquet that brought food to 50,000 local residents. The food was prepared by 100 chefs, who served 500 types of cuisine from around the world.
Traditional music entertained people, while at the wedding, there were a full 1,200 guests, among them Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Than, the Prime Minister of Qatar and the Queen of Bhutan. Among the guest stars were entrepreneurs, politicians and Bollywood actors. The VIPs were accommodated in a 5-star hotel, with villas and giant houses.