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Note these dates in March because important celestial events will occur

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1 Mars 2024

Note these dates in March because important celestial events will occur

Ah, this month is full of heavenly events! Take a deep breath that the Moon will have its own cycles and an eclipse will occur.
March 9 – Mercury enters Aries
This will bring friendships and dreams for the future to your attention. New, beautiful news and golden opportunities will unfold before you, getting you excited for the coming weeks. During this time you can rest a little and regain energy.
March 10 - New Moon in Pisces
The new moon in Pisces brings you a new and auspicious beginning in the roles you will play in general, in your sentimental or personal life. To be more specific, the New Moon will mark a new beginning at work, bringing you a better job, or promotion, as well as a small and important anniversary for yourself.
March 11 – Venus goes to Pisces
Venus, the planet of love and harmony will be in your sign to bring you more recognition. Your skills will stand out to your superiors and everyone will be happy and grateful for your contribution.
March 19 - The Sun enters Aries + the spring equinox occurs
The Sun enters Aries and spring officially begins. This means a revival and a new start for the entire horoscope. For the rest of the month you will be in a good mood and most likely, the goals and desires you have worked hard for will pay off.
March 22 – Mars Moves into Pisces
The planet of action, Mars, will enter Pisces and you could face a very busy week, even drama with colleagues. Maybe you will have an important role, more authoritative and with more responsibility, so avoiding debates will not appear at all on the horizon. Do what you think is right and that's it.
March 25 – Full Moon + a Lunar Eclipse in Libra
The Full Moon can bring changes to your romantic life and creativity. Some good news may be coming your way. There will be no shortage of surprises this month, so be ready.

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