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Let's go back in history and explain to Gazmendi why the earth is not flat :)

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5 Shkurt 2024

Let's go back in history and explain to Gazmendi why the earth is not flat

In a world where science is developing more and more, artificial intelligence is taking a tremendous leap, Gazmend Ujkashi, from the house of "Big Brother VIP Albania 3" takes us back to the time of Galileo Galilei, to tell us that "the earth is flat".

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We didn't think we'd write an article like this again (as Getinho was of the same opinion), but here we are, explaining the basics.

Gazmendi was convinced that "the earth is flat", although the residents opened their 6th grade textbooks to explain gravity and the fact that no, the earth cannot be flat.

A little background: In 500 BC, the ancient Greeks believed that the Earth was round. The ancient Egyptians also believed this. However, Pythagoras enlightened the world and said that the Earth is spherical. Although his idea was based on aesthetics, according to the opinion that the sphere is the perfect form and not on scientific grounds, it was Aristotle who gave us some reasons why the Earth could not be flat.

Eratosthenes was the first person to calculate the circumference of the Earth and in the c. III. Then, Muslim scholars made advanced measurements from c. IX AD onwards, as Europeans did their part: Discovered more about the Earth through navigation. Then, the footage from space was the last test, but clearly, not for Gaz Ujkashin.

The idea that the Earth is flat resurfaced in the 1800s as a reaction to scientific progress and circulated as an opinion among people who wanted to bring biblical literature back into focus. The most famous proponent was the British writer Samuel Rowbotham (1816-1884). He proposed the idea that the Earth is a flat, stationary disk centered on the North Pole.

Then, the "International Flat Earth Research Society" was also created in 1956, by Samuel Shenton, a British writer. In the early 2000s, the theory took the internet by storm, and there are now quite a few people who are convinced that yes, the Earth is flat. The society took off and in October 2009, held conferences again.

Anyway, in short and in Albanian, let's explain why the Earth is not flat and we hope not to open this topic again:

- First, images from space:

Let's go back in history and explain to Gazmendi why the earth is not flat
- Even without the images from space, many arguments from people who believe the Earth is flat still fall easily, with just the basic laws of physics. Foucault's pendulum, the device created by Léon Foucault, who in 1851 suspended a heavy bronze body of 28 kg. His body hangs on a 67 m chain in the Pantheon in Paris. The pendulum can swing in any plane and changes direction every day, giving an indication of the Earth's rotation. (Some people who believe the Earth is flat think the pendulum is fake.)

- If the Earth were flat, we could see the distance from New York to Madrid, with a powerful telescope. But, it is 100% sure that this cannot happen.

- Even through the sea we can understand that the Earth is not flat, because when a ship appears in the harbor, we first see part of the mast and then the rest.

- Different countries of the world have different sunset and sunrise cycles. If the planet were flat, this would not happen.
- Another indicator is the sunset, which is not the same everywhere in the world.