Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

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5 Shkurt 2024

Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

On Monday, Mercury will move into Aquarius, teaming up with Pluto, which has also just moved into Aquarius. This celestial event invites you to have more intimate conversations with the people you know and your close circle. On Wednesday, Venus will interact with Uranus, helping you to free yourself from the past. The new moon in Aquarius on Friday encourages you to have new goals.


Mercury in Aquarius will light up your friendship zone, encouraging you to create more beautiful and deeper connections with your loved ones. Wednesday brings a new relationship between Uranus and Venus and orients you to new issues in your career, while the new Moon in Aquarius motivates you to join your community and friends.


Mercury will enter Aquarius and you will be affected, as the area of ??wisdom will be in focus. Soon, optimism and hope will dominate your week, to convince you to manifest your desires. The new moon in Aquarius tells you to focus on your career, freedom and the collaborations you may have in the future.


Have a good trip, Gemini! Mercury in Aquarius will illuminate the adventure aspect, empowering your communication and broadening your horizons. Venus and Uranus will support you at work and in topics related to intimacy, while the new Moon in Aquarius encourages you to book more tickets for the trips you like to take.

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The truth is in your hands, Cancer. During Monday, Mercury will move into unique Aquarius and you will have more desire to be authentic and connect your emotions with your thoughts. You will rarely have the brain-heart balance and this is a special week for you. The Aquarius new moon on Friday motivates you to have bigger goals, especially in relation to your relationships.


This week is a triumph for you. Mercury will enter Aquarius and the area of ??negotiations will shine from the interaction between Pluto and Mercury on the same day. You will have a better strategy for work. The new moon in Aquarius focuses on romance and the love you will give and receive.


Take small steps and take it slow. Sometimes, it's best to walk at a more deliberate pace if you're going to go far. Your approach is more strategic this week and this will help you with your goals, conclusions and dreams this year.


Speak from the heart, dear Libra! On Monday, Mercury will do its best to give you courage and help you share your dreams and emotions with others. Finally, you will be able to name your sensations. The new moon in Aquarius invites you to search more for the things that inspire you and make you more creative.
You know that home is not necessarily an apartment, sometimes it is a person who hugs you and warms your heart. During this week, you will be looking for "your home" and you will manage to find it through your communication skills, while the new Moon connects you even more with your home, family and belongings.
If something bothers you, say it! Mercury tells you to focus more on communication and together with Pluto empowers your desires and feelings. Venus and Uranus, on the other hand, inspire you to be a more precise person with the words you say. This whole week is related to conversations, so the new moon will also illuminate the aspect of communication, conversation and listening.
Let your body language speak, Capricorn! Monday brings Mercury into Aquarius and this prompts you to pay more attention to your body and its desires. Wednesday is connected to a collaboration between Venus and Uranus, to help you express yourself in the best way.
Happy birthday, Aquarius! Mercury in your sign forms a connection with Pluto and creates more opportunities. You are ready to free yourself from the past and some behaviors that do not bring you better in your life. The new moon on Friday makes you reflect on all your desires, to understand what you need to be the best version of yourself.
Take a break and realize that a conjunction between Venus and Uranus will bring some chances that will enable greater attraction for your healing and desire. The new moon in Aquarius on Friday will focus precisely on release from the past, healing and intimacy.