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Shpat Kasapi, laughing, says that he raped his ex-girlfriend

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5 Shkurt 2024

Shpat Kasapi, laughing, says that he raped his ex-girlfriend

Invited to "Mos i bjer me top", Shpat Kasapi has confessed that he raped his ex-girlfriend, thus confirming the news that have been circulating about a denunciation made by the girl for violence.

Shpati, in front of Ronaldo Sharka, said that excessive jealousy has taken its toll. "It was a definite moment. Something was true, but excessive jealousy made it true", adding that he was "very young", 25-26 years old (which is neither young nor reasonable).

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In 2018, Shpati confirmed the news and showed how the event happened. In an interview in "Elite Zone", he said: "I called him on the phone and asked: "Where are you?". She lied to me. He told me: "I am here", but I saw him in another place".

He further added:

"I reacted the way a man would have reacted, being a man. I wanted to scare him. I had seen him once again, but that time I pretended not to understand. The second time was too much. What I did to him was nothing, two or three slaps. I hit him when I saw him holding hands with that boy. It's normal that he betrayed me."