8 phrases to say to yourself when you feel hopeless

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4 Shkurt 2024

8 phrases to say to yourself when you feel hopeless
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We all face moments in life when we feel like we're in a dead-end maze, or stuck. It could be a career mess, you're struggling with a social or romantic relationship that isn't working, but one thing's for sure: moments like these seem paralyzing in life!

The good news is that with a few simple thoughts and actions, you can motivate yourself to get out of the place you're stuck in, whether unintentionally or not.

According to psychologists and mental health experts, by relying on positive self-talk, practicing self-compassion and taking small actions, you can begin to shift negative thought patterns and revitalize yourself from within.

Here are eight expressions that help you stop feeling stuck!

#1 "I Can't"

It seems like a counterintuitive statement, but telling yourself "I can't" fuels your motivation to prove others wrong. The key is that behavior and actions motivate better than words alone.

#2 "It's OK"

When we are truly self-compassionate, it motivates us more to live.

#3 "Don't sit still, move"

Remind yourself of this handy trick. Instead of just saying motivational phrases, get up, move your body to release some of the bad energy

#4 "I made it this far"

Acknowledging how far you've come in life can help fuel motivation.

#5 "I can't go back and change things, but I can move forward from the lessons"

If you feel hopeless, as you reflect on what has passed, surely at those moments you did not have the level of awareness of everything that was happening to you. Now is the time to be good to yourself.

#6 “All I have to do is walk out the front door”

Breaking large tasks into smaller steps can increase motivation. Even wearing shoes can be enough to create the idea of ??a sense of accomplishment.

#7 “Let me hug you”

Self-hugging releases the calming hormone oxytocin, reducing stress when stuck in a less-than-normal situation.

#8 "The fear is in my head"

Just because you're afraid doesn't necessarily mean you're insecure. Simply take control of your life, no matter how stuck you feel.

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