Kim Kardashian in a new relationship?

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4 Shkurt 2024

Kim Kardashian in a new relationship?
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For several months, it has been said that a new romance is emerging among celebrities, and this time it is about Kim Kardashian and Odell Beckham Jr., the American football star. The pair seems to be doing nothing to quell the rumors, even though the media attention never escapes the protagonism of the two at the same time and place.

This time, Kim and Odell attended a pre-Grammy Awards party hosted by rapper Jay Z at his West Hollywood mansion. The two were added to the list of VIP attendees, although Kim and Odell arrived separately at the party.

Kim Kardashian in a new relationship?

Dressed in all black, Kim joined the party with her younger sister Khloé Kardashian, while Beckham Jr. appeared separately from them.

Kim Kardashian in a new relationship?

The media claims that there were moments of meeting in the parking garage between the founder of SKIMS and the Baltimore Ravens player, that is, a private moment between the two.

Kim's luxury car was photographed leaving the party at around 1.30am yesterday, with no one inside due to the vehicle's tinted windows.

Kim and Odell met for the first time in September of last year, when a source told Page Six that they are not casual meetings, but that the two are often part of joint events and parties.

Speculation of a romance between them was revived when Kim attended Beckham Jr.'s 31st birthday. November of last year.

We remember that Kardashian is the mother of four children, while Odell is the father of one child, after separating from model Lauren Wood, in early 2023.

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Source: Page Six