This is the exact age when people feel happiest

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4 Shkurt 2024

This is the exact age when people feel happiest

Over time, it is known that maturity is one of the standards that "stamp" many decisions in life, but happiness seems to have a certain age when it reaches its peak.

Research shows that the older you get, the more confident and satisfied you feel. People in their 60s are more likely to be happy and confident. But what is the secret? In fact, there is no single answer, but several factors that affect happiness.

At this age there is more prudence and wisdom

This is the case when the mind improves with age. Data shows that people aged 18-25 years have higher rates of depression. Although the pandemic increased stress rates worldwide, including among the elderly, people over 50 showed the lowest rates of depression.

In a 2016 study, researchers surveyed more than 1,500 people of all ages about physical health, mental health and cognitive abilities. They found that those in their 20s and 30s reported lower levels of happiness compared to older adults. Dilip Jeste, a psychiatrist, told the Times that this is because you are able to let go of everyday stresses when you are older, which adds even more happiness.

As the years go by, life becomes more secure

The high school years or the age of 20 are both the most turbulent and at the same time the most difficult. A 2018 paper published in the journal Psychology Bulletin found that self-confidence peaks around the age of 60, due to a more stable environment. At this age, you have established stable relationships, have a good job or helped your children grow up happy and confident.

- When you are older, happiness means being satisfied with what you have

In other words, this is the phase of life where you agree with the expression: "Not having what you want and wanting what you have!". One study found that younger participants were more likely to describe happiness as moments of exhilaration. Whereas, older people felt happy when they were calm or fulfilled.

This is the exact age when people feel happiest

The brain becomes less responsive to negative emotional responses with age

A brain imaging study found that older people had more reduced activity in the area of ??the brain that responds emotionally to stress and negative images. Whereas, young people appeared more impulsive in their reactions to these emotions.

So the simple truth is that anyone can increase their sense of satisfaction or self-confidence. Age doesn't necessarily dictate how happy you are, but your daily habits do.

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