Through pictures: The world in 1 week

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4 Shkurt 2024

Through pictures: The world in 1 week

Turkey/ 7 people are arrested, as they are suspected of being spies for Israel

Through pictures: The world in 1 week

The Turkish police have arrested 7 people suspected of selling information to the Mossad intelligence service, through private detectives.

The suspects were arrested in Izmir, as a result of a joint operation between the police and the National Intelligence Organization in Turkey. Earlier, 34 people were also arrested, as they were suspected of being spies for Israel. It was alleged that these persons would carry out various activities, including interception, stalking and kidnapping of foreign nationals living in Turkey.

UN calls for funding to be restored as Gaza crisis deepens

Through pictures: The world in 1 week

The UN agency for Palestine, UNRWA, has warned that now, Gaza will experience a humanitarian catastrophe. UN experts continue to call on countries that have cut off funding to reconsider their decision and fund the Agency, to mitigate the crisis and stop the disaster.

Many countries, including the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Finland, etc. have cut off funding after the scandal that some employees of the Agency had collaborated with Hamas in the October 7 attack against Israel. The employees no longer work with the Agency and are under investigation.

Chile/ Forest fires cause at least 51 victims

Through pictures: The world in 1 week

At least 51 people have been killed by wildfires in Chile. In a coastal city of the country, about 200 people have also disappeared and the authorities are looking for them.

Chile is dealing with several outbreaks that have spread throughout the country. More than 43,000 hectares of land have been affected by these fires and the situation seems quite critical.

These fires were caused by high temperatures and strong winds.

France/ A person attacks 3 individuals with a knife at the train station in Paris

Through pictures: The world in 1 week

A person armed with a knife has attacked three others in one of the main train stations in Paris, "Gare dy Lyon". The attack happened around 8 am local time and as a result, one person suffered multiple injuries and the other 2 minor injuries.
The person who committed the crime was identified and arrested, while the reasons why he committed such an act are not known.