3 steps to rekindle sex life during marriage

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2 Shkurt 2024

3 steps to rekindle sex life during marriage
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Erotic passion is not always seen as a priority during marriage. But, experts think that unresolved disappointments in the sexual aspect can turn into a "time mine" for couples that seems to lead to betrayal, separation or divorce.

A 2019 study published in the International Journal of Preventive Medicine revealed that divorce rates are reaching 70% in the world and the three main causes are lack of trust, and commitment, not forgetting sexuality.

If you feel that your sex life is on hold and you want to get rid of the monotony, follow these three steps for a "recharge" of energies in bed.

#1 Choose spontaneity over planning

Intimacy and passion are a paradoxical relationship. While passion often has uncertainty and mystery, intimacy is based on stability. Over the years in marriage, partners get to know each other better, while sexual desire declines. Games in bed, innovations, untested positions, i.e. experimentation can be salvation for your condition.

#2 Explore new avenues

Sex can be seen as a power play, with individuals wanting to dominate or submit. While the term "power" has gained a negative reputation, it can be used creatively in the bedroom to exploit the desires of one partner or the other. Exploring new sexual avenues can lead to interesting discoveries about your relationship.

#3 Turn personal fantasies into shared experiences

Sexual fantasies are scenarios that fuel desire. Research has found that sensuality, imagination and curiosity are associated with high sexual satisfaction in secure relationships. Evidence shows that sexual fantasy and pornography are positively related to new and more memorable sexual experiences for yourself and your partner.

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Source: Forbes