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5 new rules for celebrating children's birthdays this year

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2 Shkurt 2024

5 new rules for celebrating children's birthdays this year

When children grow old enough to create their own birthday guest list, there are also a host of requirements for the type of arrangement. Of course, the wishes of the children and the possibilities of the parents become more complex in this situation, but as the number of students in the class increases, close friendships flourish, so planning a super birthday becomes a challenge in itself.

But expert Myka Meier, the founder of a children's etiquette course, says that during 2024 you should consider not only the family budget that allows for an unforgettable birthday, but also some etiquette and safety etiquette that are valuable for every parent and children.

#1 No, you don't have to invite the whole class

In a perfect world, you could host any birthday party at a public playground and invite all of your child's classmates. But there are all kinds of reasons why this might not be feasible: the weather, the time of year, the demands of the child, etc. In other words, you can include most of your friends in the party, leaving only a few off the list. The right approach would be to invite a group of children from school, some from the child's course and some family friends etc. So that there is a balance.

#2 Don't bring uninvited guests to the party

Ideally, this is communicated when you send the invitation: Either siblings are welcome… or they aren't. You can do this from the start by simply stating it as a detail in the invitation. But if your child is the guest, never assume that your other children are invited. Unless it's clearly stated that siblings can come, don't bring one to any party.

#3 It's OK to Say "No Gifts"

If it is stated in the invitation that your presence is more important than the gift, so there is no need for one, you must respect this request. You can simply make a card, color it together with the child and take it to the party instead of a gift.

#4 Always ask about dietary restrictions

Pizza, cake, this is usually the routine of a children's birthday. But, this year parents should make a turning point and be more attentive to the food that will be served. Since a possible allergy or simply a virus in the respiratory tract can make your child feel bad at the party.

#5 If the party is over, make sure you have the contacts of all your child's friends

As children get older, the idea of ??skipping the holidays becomes the norm. That being said, you should also include in the party information or contact information from family members or adults who will accompany the children to the birthday party. Because in the worst case, this applies to the safety of your child, but at the same time you also get details about the location or the completion of the birthday on time.

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