Albanians show us the habits they cannot give up

Shkruar nga Anabel

21 Dhjetor 2023

Albanians show us the habits they cannot give up

You know when you have a bad habit that you just can't seem to break? The followers of Anabel , who we asked yesterday about their habit, have this in mind, and they gave us the following answers:
Spending money. I eat you haribo. Don't apologize. I have sex every day. Stay alone.




I drink coffee. I eat chocolate after meals. Dye your hair. I tore them to pieces. To do shopping. Buy online.




Drink energy drinks. 

I leave half the work I start. To sleep. I eat your nails. Idle on the phone. To go to the fortune teller.




 I bite my nail cuticles. To 'overthink'. I do the gym. I see what people are doing on social networks. I smoke marijuana. I eat bread.





I wake up late. To consume the salt. To smoke cigarettes. I fight with my husband. Check my husband's phone. I eat ice. I tease your pimples.






I eat chips. I do housework almost every day. Being late everywhere. Buy a vase of flowers. Instagram. I watch Korean series. Buy you sneakers.






Buy expensive toys for the boy. Drink IQOS. To complain. I flirt with whoever I can afford. To meet with the ex. Drink water with lemon. To drink alcohol.






I eat unhealthy things. To care for others. I eat peas and pickles. I talk more than I should.