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Irgen Çela talks about his father: "He fought with life and death"

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9 Dhjetor 2023

Irgen Çela talks about his father: "He fought with life and

Irgen Çela, in the show "DWTS", showed an untold part of his life. He talked about his parents' accident and the challenges and struggles of his father, whose life changed radically, but also personal struggles

"August 4 is both the saddest and happiest date in my life. On August 4, 2000, my parents had a car accident and also, 15 years later, on August 4, 2015, my son was born," the "DWTS" contestant began the story.

Irgen Çela talks about his father: "He fought with life and

"When my parents' accident happened, I was not in the car, but in Macedonia, with the football team, because I was playing football then. When I came from Macedonia and saw that my father was not waiting for me, I realized that something had happened".

It was further followed:

"Today he walks with crutches, and it was painful to see dad go from a man who went out, moved around, had a social circle, to change involuntarily, without his will, into a man who was alone in bed and who all the time struggled with life and death", adding: "For a period of time I tried to stay outside the house, because the atmosphere was heavier there", said the actor.

He also said that his concept of "hero" has changed since childhood and today, the hero for him is his father.
"I would like him to accompany me to certain places. At "DWTS", if dad was sitting there in public... I can't handle it, I don't believe he would have it easy either", said Irgeni in tears. 
Irgeni connected the performance song "This is War" ("This is war") is related to the war of his inner world and dedicated it to his father.
"It has a lot to do with my internal struggle over the years and my dad's struggle, with what he's been through. Ba', this dance is for you, you are my strength", said the actor.

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