Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

27 Nëntor 2023

Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

A conversation can change everything. The full moon in Gemini motivates you to start an important dialogue, which can determine your future trajectory. On December 2, Mercury enters Capricorn, helping you to better manage your emotions and be a more responsible person.
Now, find your mark and find out what will happen.
Speak loudly to be heard. The full moon in Gemini will illuminate the area of ??communication, helping you to be more clear in order to resolve a dilemma that has been plaguing you for a long time. Mercury moves into Capricorn guiding you towards your career, so don't be surprised if you get a leadership role, or a reward.
Listen to your body, Taurus! On Monday, the Full Moon in Gemini helps you connect with your body, as Mercury inspires you to turn your attention to self-care. In the last 6 months, you have neglected your health a bit and this is not a good thing at all.

Begin again, dear Gemini. On Monday, when the Full Moon occurs, you will do your best to empower yourself, your mood, your communication and gain more knowledge. You will be back in the best way! You will show so much power that you will surprise everyone.
It's time to leave the past behind. You will be challenged, but you will also be freed from events that have tormented you and made you suffer for a long time. A silent monologue will make you reflect more, so that you are as prepared as possible when you carry out the difficult dialogue with the person who has to stay in your past.
Power belongs to the people and you know it very well! The full moon in Gemini inspires you to lead your friends, expand your field of passion, and be more energetic than ever. When it comes to attention, you always win. I know you have this superpower, so use it for the good of all.
Rise and shine, Virgo! From the beginning of the week, the career area will be illuminated, positioning your communication power at the top of your skills. This will help you make the necessary changes at work, while at the same time being a person who thinks about everyone.
Have a safe journey in the new adventures and chapters that will unfold before you. Follow your heart, take adventures and create beautiful memories. On Saturday, when Mercury will enter Capricorn, you will have a very high emotional intelligence, so you will understand others better than before.
Your mind is the sexiest organ you have. The full moon in Gemini illuminates the erotic zone and reminds you that intimacy between bodies is important, but it is imagination and communication that complete the entire spectrum of pleasure.
Happy birthday, Sagittarius! Monday's full moon gives you the ability to make new connections. If you're in a relationship, you'll make it even more dynamic, or end it once and for all, if things aren't working out between you.
Take small steps first, dear Capricorn. Accomplish your goals by focusing on the expectations that you are. Mercury enters your sign to motivate you to think differently and strengthen your communication skills, which will have fantastic impacts on your life.
You are a person with values ??and on Monday, when the full moon occurs in Gemini, you will be reminded of how beautiful a person you are at heart and how much love and joy you give. Act on the truth and see how many positive things will happen.
This week you will find the security you have been looking for, communicating your emotions. This will give you more clarity and help the people around you to understand you better. Mercury in Capricorn urges you to reconnect with your friends, community and family.