Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Shkruar nga Anabel

20 Nëntor 2023

Weekly horoscope: Find out what will happen to your sign

Pain can serve to teach you a good lesson. The Sun's interaction with Pluto helps you leave behind some old thoughts and embrace new changes. Mars will enter Sagittarius, changing your behavior, relationships and income.

You need a little more work with intimacy and relationships with others. You seek freedom from the things that hold you hostage in the past and to discover your truth. The sooner you do this, the simpler your relationship with others will be. Speak openly and tell what you want in life.
Sun and Pluto work together to make you more social than ever. Contact friends, make a plan and you are ready to have fun. It doesn't matter if it's Monday, you'll still have fun. The season of Sagittarius starts quickly and helps you work more on yourself and the problems you have had recently.
Small details matter, dear Gemini! Pluto inspires you to be more alert to the things around you. Don't forget: Small steps are significant and decisive for your future, especially in terms of career. Mars enters Sagittarius on Friday and helps you resolve an old conflict.
To be an optimistic person, you have to work hard with your thoughts. On Monday, when Pluto and the Sun interact, you will be filled with confidence, hope and self-esteem. This is an important period for you, as you will prioritize self-care and the well-being of the people around you.
Sensitivity is power, Leo! Don't be afraid to express your emotions, be open and transparent with the people around you. It may seem dangerous and scary to you, but keep in mind that it will help you a lot.
You will negotiate and make a compromise that will help you a lot. It may seem impossible at first, but you will realize that it is to your advantage. Sagittarius season starts on Wednesday and brings you the income you want. On Friday, Mars enters Sagittarius and inspires you to put up stronger barriers to protect the emotional aspect.

Keep your feet on the ground and understand that in order to resolve conflicts, you must be calmer and know how to overcome chaos. Sit down, think, reflect and find a solution. This week lays important foundations for positive changes in your life. You are ready to become the best version of yourself.
This week inspires you to speak your truth, as well as take stock of what you have achieved so far. Sagittarius season makes you clarify your values ??and thoughts, and put your integrity into action.
Love yourself more than usual. Focus on your work and reward yourself for your achievements. Your season is coming soon, so it's time to say your feelings and desires out loud. The universe will do its best to make them happen.
A conversation can change everything, Capricorn! Give due attention to your conversation, discussion and social circle. You need to create a necessary space, to reflect and speak your mind openly. If you want, stay a little alone, but don't limit yourself.
Put what you've learned into practice, as it can turn into big profits. Sagittarius season brings you what you love most: Time with friends. Mars enters Sagittarius and puts you in leadership positions, so don't be afraid to take risks.
Vision is the key! Create a new, positive and more hopeful approach and see how the whole situation will change. You will receive positive news in your career, so if you plan to open your own business, or ask for a salary increase, this is the right moment.