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"I have been physically abused": Albanians confess the violence experienced by (former) partners

Shkruar nga Anabel

17 Nëntor 2023

"I have been physically abused": Albanians confess the violence

Last night, on Anabel's Instagram account , we opened a sensitive topic: "I was violated by my (former) partner". Many followers shared their stories, which you can find below:
"I have been abused all my life until recently, that the situation has changed". "Because of his verbal abuse and narcissism, that relationship took years out of my life. I was very afraid..." "I was married for 12 years to a violent, impulsive man who insulted me. My parents did not support me and eventually I separated. I was the bad guy at the end of the story." "15 years! Super possessive, aggressive, while I covered up the signs that I was too embarrassed to share what was going on. The physical violence ended when we went to another country and I got the strength to call the police (there the police would help you and you wouldn't be judged by the community)". "We have been living together for 1 year and we have 1 child. 1 month ago he came home drunk and shot me. There was a big fight, until the police came. He is now still in prison, but we talk on the phone." "At the beginning of the relationship, he raped me once. It was 1996. He had had a relationship with someone else, whom he abused, so he was used to this mentality. It took a long time for us to get close again. He did it again in 2006. We were drunk. I almost killed him. It never happened again." "I wanted to break up with him and he wouldn't let me get away from the coffee. He slapped me in the face. It was the first and only moment. I also shot them several times and ran away." "Two weeks ago I finished the divorce trial with a violent man, who isolated me from society and from my career. I have been separated from him for a year and I have restarted my professional work. I reached very high levels and why am I in a foreign country. I feel completely happy." "I was in a relationship with someone who insulted and hit me because I had opened the Internet without his permission. He used to send me messages on WhatsApp, to see if I received the messages or not." "My boyfriend is addicted to hashish. Once 2 years ago there was a shortage and I got irritated. He punched me in the leg. Only then did it happen and I hope it never happens again." "Yes, I live with one every day. It's real hell." "It's been 5 months since I left a super abusive 6-year marriage. He raped me and abused me with narcotics." "After 1 year of relationship, physical violence started. I justified that during 1 year it was completely different. I thought he was going through a bad period. I endured a year of violence and disappeared. He persisted for months crying like a baby. It's normal that I didn't forgive him and I don't even know how I endured it". "I was 16 years old. He was super possessive and violent. His mother was aware and helped me cover the marks without saying anything. Even today, after 15 years, I am in therapy and it is difficult to describe the sensations".













"5 years of physical and psychological violence. I went into depression until I made up my mind and stopped answering him. I changed jobs and everything. I met him after 8 years and he asked me if there is still room in my life for him. He also put pressure with a couple of messages, but he saw that it didn't work". "I know someone who beat his girlfriend so much that he broke his ribs and they are still together." "My ex-boyfriend almost broke the fingers of one hand in the bar, while I had his phone in the other hand, reading messages with his friend, where they were talking about drug use." "My ex beat me once. He was pulling my hair and I was looking at the floor at the locks of my hair. His mother fainted when she saw me being raped and could not stop her son. I had symptoms for weeks. The reason for the violence was a job I didn't do and he expected it from me." "He beat me every day and in the end I justified him by saying that maybe it was my fault and I deserved it, until I got the courage and left him forever." "My ex slapped me twice and put his hand on my throat. I ignored it, but broke up a few months later. When I broke up, I felt like I was breathing cleaner air." "Even a slap on the cheek like "in a moment of nerves", a grip on the chin, ends in a hair grip and all are done in the name of "love". That's how 15 years went by, today with 2 children, trying to find a secondary one, from which I lost 80% of what I was and dreamed of". "My ex-boyfriend shot me because I fell asleep at lunch and didn't tell him." "I spent 3 years with an abuser and manipulator, who acted as if it was my fault that he was psychologically and sometimes physically abusive." "It is the biggest mistake of my life. He was a man with a double personality, because he shouted at me out of nowhere, imposed on me, threatened me: "If you don't go out with me, who knows who you are with. I will find you and tear you to pieces." "The ex went from words to throwing cups in the middle of the bar, dragging him through the street, hitting him, until I disappeared him from my life." "I was married to a man who systematically abused me for 2 years. I was only 17 years old when I was pregnant and he kicked me in the stomach. I begged him to shoot me in the head and unfortunately I lost the baby after 5 months as a result of the violence. I suffered a lot to separate him because my father didn't accept it from his mentality, but I separated". "Three years tied up. Everything started very well, until he started raising his hand, then threatening me. He punched me." "I'm still in such a relationship." "When we got married, it started coming out of itself. He became violent, bullying, mean. It's been two years since I got separated and escaped."