5 things narcissists do in a relationship, according to this Harvard psychologist 

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16 Nëntor 2023

5 things narcissists do in a relationship, according to this Harvard

The red flags of the extreme narcissist are often easy to spot: bragging behaviors, destructive monologues, frequent remarks, etc. In reality this may seem like a game, but according to a psychologist who has been working at Harvard University for 25 years, there are some distinguishing signs that narcissistic people always make in a love relationship and you should recognize them immediately:

#1 They "bomb" with love

Praise, gifts, excessive attention! When the relationship is healthy, this behavior takes on another name: the "honey stage"! According to research, such treatment of partners is not just fun, but it can predict the longevity and happiness of romantic relationships. But don't be fooled! In the first stages of acquaintance, everything passes with "bombardment" of love up to the pedestal, leaving little room for pleasure.

#2 They get irritated when faced with vulnerable feelings

If you say something like, "I love all your messages, I'm excited to see you," that's a normal reaction to a person you have feelings for. A narcissist's answer might be different: "I don't like games." They can recede until they disappear altogether.

#3 They have a false image of security

Narcissistic people cope with insecurities by maintaining a sense of themselves as special, exceptional, or unique, so much so that they are not afraid of facing emotional risk. People who are not narcissists have the flexibility to simply enjoy the relationship.

#4 They only talk about similarities

Another way narcissists become believable is to create a special feeling by insisting that the two of you are alike in many ways: "We like the same music! Isn't it great that we both enjoy hiking?" When you point out differences in tastes in cuisine or music, or turn down a surprise date night after you've already planned another date for a long time, you may be met with irritation or silence.

#5 Continuous checks

Narcissists often practice covert control. They might show up at the last minute with concert tickets and flowers, or make all the dinner reservations, or insist on picking the romantic spot for the next picnic. Organizing such situations is always a tactic to get what they want at the time they want.

Source: CNBC