Albanians share the secrets they regret the most

Shkruar nga Anabel

28 Gusht 2023

Albanians share the secrets they regret the most

Anabel's Instagram account was filled yesterday with confessions about secrets and "sins" that followers chose to share with us, anonymously. Below you will find some of these confessions:
"I continue to be in love with him, even though I know he is not the right one"
"I have kept some secrets from my boyfriend, with whom I have been for 3 years. Now we're going to get engaged and I'm afraid you won't find out"
"At that time, I cheated on my boyfriend 2 weeks before we got engaged, because my friends told me: "Spend one night with the one you're going to marry and you didn't try anyone else but him" and again , my friends were the ones who told her about my one-night-stand and we broke up" "
I fell in love with the lecturer. He took me for weakness and disappointment poisoned me"
"I love a guy who is attached. I harm myself every time I go out and talk to him"
"I stole jewelry from cousins' houses"
"I had an affair with a married man"
"I cheated on my husband with his enemy. We fell in love with each other, but the fear of being killed made me leave" "
That I haven't followed Anabel since it opened"
"That I fell in love with a married man. He is 60 years old, I am 30 years old. We have been together for 12 years. We need each other a lot, but we can't be both"
"I went to bed with a guy 13 years older and now he blackmails me with photos and videos we took during our 2-year relationship. Now I'm married to someone else"
"I thought more about others and forgot about myself"
"I stole money from my family to give it to my ex"
"I got involved with my married boss"
"I had sex with my boyfriend today, the father of my child and kicked her out, I told him to go to his house because I had to get up early the next day. Actually, I cheated on him. After he went down, my obsession came. I still talk to him, but he lives abroad. Meanwhile, the child grows up"
"I fell in love with an engaged boy"
"I had an abortion because I didn't feel ready to be a mother, even though my boyfriend didn't agree"
"I had an abortion when I was 17 years old. My boyfriend blocked me as soon as he found out I was pregnant"
"A guy I don't like spoils me with lek. I'm using it, he understands and moves on. I feel bad, but the guy is good"
"I cheated on him 3 times in total. Only this month 2 times"
"I'm 26 years old and I haven't had sex yet"
"I've suppressed myself for many things, not enjoying anything"
"I fell in love with my fiance's friend. We didn't have anything physical, except for a kiss, because we couldn't hurt the people we were with. It was the wrong time and place. Every time something bad happens to me, I say it's karma for what I felt at the time"
"I had sex with my close friend. Today we no longer have contact and we are out of each other's lives"
"I left someone who loved me for another one with lek"
"I got pregnant. I have no financial means to raise the child"
"I hit my children when they were small. I was living in a toxic environment. I will never forgive myself"