3 ways you could be hurting your relationship

Shkruar nga Anabel

7 Qershor 2023

3 ways you could be hurting your relationship

A healthy relationship without a doubt takes a lot of work to make it work, of course a lot of desire and will on both sides. In many cases, we have the tendency to see the mistakes of others, but we forget that we can also have a "hand" in the negative aspect.
Below, we show you 3 ways in which you may be negatively affecting your relationship:
Blaming your partner
The actions of others can also be a consequence of your actions, so in a debate or discussion, you should not only see the problems and the words of others, but also the cases when you exaggerate or exaggerate.
It is very important to be aware of projections – the statements you make about yourself that affect how others see you. For example: If you say that your colleagues don't think you're very good at your job, your partner doesn't have to think the same. Not all people see you in the same prism, so projecting your thoughts onto your partner is still a method that negatively affects your relationship.
Create scenarios and act on them
Not everything that goes on in our brains is true. As long as the stories and scenarios are in your mind, it's best if they just stay there and not act on them, because not only will you damage the relationship, but you yourself will experience hurt, irritation, anxiety, and what's more, all this has a not-so-good effect on your relationship.

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