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Nas Daily and Alyne end their relationship

Shkruar nga Anabel

23 Maj 2023

Nas Daily and Alyne end their relationship

Youtuber Nas Daily and his partner, Alyne Tamir, have ended their relationship after 6 years.

In a 13-minute video posted on social media, Nas and Alyne explained how different priorities and goals prevented them from being together anymore.

"This is the end. Alyne and I are breaking up. You were the first people to find out about our relationship 6 years ago. You were with us in our hardest and best times. You cheered for us. That's why you also deserve to know the end of our relationship. This is the longest video we've ever made. 13 minutes. I hope this helps someone with their relationship. I hope they avoid our mistakes before it's too late. Alyne and I remain friends. We don't regret it. I love you, Alyne.” - the 31-year-old posted on social networks.

In the comments, he added: “Thank you all for your kind words! It is easier to keep all problems private. But we decided to do the opposite. It is important to show the good, the bad and the ugly. And every relationship can be ugly and beautiful at the same time! Authenticity matters. I hope you noticed that we are both authentic about our feelings.”

Nas Daily, whose real name is Nusei Yassin, is an Arab-Israeli vlogger who films videos usually 1 minute long and posts them on social media, while Alyne is a travel blogger.

Nas Daily and Alyne end their relationship

They are a well-known couple to the Albanian audience, mainly because of the size of their interview in 2018 in "Xing with Ermalin". During the show, Alyne was asked: "When you go on trips, do you go to meet girls?"

"This is very inappropriate, it's not even funny. I know that we are in Albania and women are not respected here, but this is too much. I am tired of a world that does such things. In Albania, women are treated like m*t, like sex objects," she answered tearfully.

The awkward interview was followed by other reactions, in which Ermal Mamaqi stated that they used the opportunity and planned the reaction, while Nas Daily and Alyne considered it a sexist joke and a lack of respect.