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Casey ends the relationship with Kristin: 'I came after you and forgot about myself'

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18 Mars 2023

Casey ends the relationship with Kristin: 'I came after you and forgot

Casey and Kristi decided not to take their relationship any further. In a conversation with each other, it was Keisi who took this step first.

According to her, if they really like each other, they will find a way when they go out. While talking to Kristin, Keisi mentioned as the main reason the fact that he "forgot himself" and the mission for which he entered "Big Brother" because of his romance with Kristin.

"The whole thing, our acquaintance doesn't seem strange to you? I want to know how you feel,” she asked. "We spent a lot of time together, we have a lot of good communication. I think we like each other a lot,” Kristi replied.

"Do you think consent is the only thing that matters? There must be something more, but I don't see that thing anymore. It normally takes even longer for that greater liking. If I tell you that it's better to continue as friends and continue outside, how would you take it, would you be upset?" Casey added further. Kristi said "I would be upset normally, but you have to protect yourself above all."

Following the conversation, Keisi emphasized that their consent did not develop further. "That liking at first was very nice, but it stayed there. In the following days, [it affected] the people who imposed it, for a relationship, while there was no relationship. Then dad came too."

"The fact that they say Keisi is only for cooking has become too much. I came here to show that I sing, I forgot to sing. I did a lot for you, I came after you a lot. You've pretty much created your own game and everything. I forgot myself and put everything aside,” she said.

Kristi, on the other hand, respected her wish.