How did I know that he was unseen in bed, without having sex with him yet!

Shkruar nga Anabel

3 Mars 2023

How did I know that he was unseen in bed, without having sex with him yet!
Photography: Deon Black via Unsplash

We can never know for sure if someone is good in bed or not without ~testing~, but still, there are some signs that can be positive indicators, and we're about to reveal them all. 

If some of the following qualities remind you of him, chances are that guy knows what he's doing in bed:

I drink a lot of wine

A 2009 study at the University of Firenze in Italy concluded that those who drink 2 glasses of wine a day are much better in bed and more sexually satisfied than those who drink 1 or no glasses. According to the study, historically sex and wine have been closely linked together since the ancient Greek period. So as long as you drink wine every day, you will be a tiger in bed.

The humor

Someone who takes things easy, has a good sense of humor, laughs (which is also very sexy) will not let you down in bed. He knows very well how to have fun in those moments. With someone who will laugh endlessly and reach orgasm, it's like you've hit the jackpot.

Eat slowly

When people eat slowly it means they are enjoying every possible bite and the whole process. As you can imagine, this will also happen during intimate moments.

I know what he eats

If you see that he knows very well what he wants, what he eats, he is obedient and does not waver, see him as a possible potential in sex.

They dance very well

There has always been talk of a connection between dance and sex. It's actually true and not for the reason you think. More than the moves, a good dance is about confidence, confidence that will be reflected in bed.

There is no shame in asking questions and communicating openly

People who are good in bed are open and honest in their communication with their partner or someone they are dating. They have no problem talking about their needs and desires.

Shows interest and passion to explore (anywhere)

An adventurous type, he is certainly open to pleasant adventures in the bedroom as well.